Ceridian: Technology Meets Employee Onboarding

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David Ossip, Chairman & CEO, CeridianDavid Ossip, Chairman & CEO
When onboarding new employees for a company, human resource recruiters understand that they cannot only hire people and expect them to succeed right away by their own, but HR specialists may not understand the extent to which smooth onboarding can impact on a new hire’s ability to manage. “Companies today are conscientious of their employees’ financial and mental well-being and seek solutions that will enable their people to be productive and satisfied at work”.

This is where Ceridian, a Canada based software company is trying to solve, by bringing state of the art technology in Human Resource Management. The company provides a comprehensive and advanced cloud-based human resources management platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle of an organization named ‘Dayforce’. It is a global human capital management platform that transforms every employee’s experience and unifies data from across the entire employee’s lifecycle to enable better decision-making at every level. It is also a comprehensive cloud platform that combines human resource, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. Dayforce is a scalable platform built with a unique, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address the complex regulatory requirements of an organization.

“The organization is driven to create new, innovative technologies that will help make work life better for people everywhere”, said Erik Zimmer, Chief Strategy Officer of Ceridian. There are different kinds of features available on the Dayforce platform, which includes Employee management, Self-service, Dashboards, Document Management, and Reporting.
The platform gives employee information, when and where it is needed, with the right insights to manage the business better. The second platform which Ceridian proovides is the HR/Payroll software, which includes features of improving payroll commitments by previewing payroll data before submitting for process, manage, track and report on employee’s data, simplify the organization’s benefits by setting up and administering benefit plans, and offering online enrollment and generating employee benefit statements.

Ceridian provides a human capital management platform based out of the cloud to engage employees, reduce complexity and work smarter

In terms of satisfaction, Ceridian has one of the best customer satisfactions in any software providing industry. David Wachsman, CEO of Bargain Hunt, which is a retailer giant in the United States says, “A few years ago we had 36 stores, now after using Dayforce, we are having 90 stores and are looking to grow to 250 stores in the upcoming next few years”. Bargain Hunt employs 2,100 people, and its workforce is expanding rapidly to meet the company’s growing needs, and this was possible only because of Ceridian’s unique platform.

“Ceridian Provides a human capital management platform based out of the cloud to engage employees, reduce complexity and work smarter”, says David Ossip, Chairman and CEO, Ceridian. Managing the workforce efficiently is necessary to make the employees happier and the business more successful. This is possible through Ceridian, which provides improvement in operational efficiency; decrease labour cost, and reduce compliance issues. It also includes task management for employees, leaves management, time and attendance management etc.

To ensure businesses get the most out of their investment in the platform of human resource management, the company offers multi-level support packages, as well as managed services, open enrollment configuration and wage garnishment administration. The company’s experienced Services teams will help businesses build the support model that best serves their work, based on the number of employees, the complexity of pay and risk tolerance.