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Pete Olson, CPO, Click BoardingPete Olson, CPO
Today, employees want to feel valued by their employer and they want to be in complete control of their journey, from the word go. And, why not? After all, employee happiness can be any company’s best performance improvement strategy. However, because of the legacy strategies and antiquated technologies, companies end up providing poor employee experience, which in turn, leads to unnecessary turnover and high expenses due to constant hiring. Time-consuming paperbased systems drain the HR teams and the organizations of all their energy to deliver better employee experiences. Minneapolis-based Click Boarding is on a mission to create exceptional experiences for employees throughout their journey. “From onboarding to tenure management through offboarding, we stand rock solid behind our clients, guiding them to take the best step toward enhanced employee experience,” says Pete Olson, CPO, Click Boarding. “And we do that for thousands of employees of our clients every month.”

Click Boarding offers a mobile-first HR platform that delivers elevated experiences to candidates, guided by design. Click’s best-in-class solution replaces poor onboarding experiences lacking a feeling of connectedness in the new world today. As a result, companies using this enterprise-grade SaaS platform can maintain a digitally-driven, flexible workflow to create personalized experiences for each employee while meeting the latest regulatory compliance mandates.

To provide consistent experiences throughout the employee journey, Click Boarding works with a large ecosystem of integrated partners who offer solutions and services such as, ATS, background screening, HRIS, ITSMs, and other client-specific requests. The company uses a robust set of APIs to connect with clients’ IT systems and ensure smooth operations.
Mid-sized to large companies from across industries use the personalization and automation capabilities offered by Click Boarding to standardize their process, provide candidate experiences in 17 different languages, and complete auditing in a simple way. To help HR teams operate on a large scale easily, Click Boarding offers a proprietary e-signature functionality that meets the necessary security and compliance standards, including GDPR. As these processes are driven by automation, clients save on costs significantly.

Along with the self-service tools offered through the platform, Click Boarding also provides consulting and support services for better client engagement. Providing insight and offering best practice recommendations, Click Boarding understands their expectations and informs them on the deliverables and outcomes in advance. Apart from training, team Click Boarding can provide additional services that allow clients to innovate faster and meet their goals in time.

In an implementation highlight, Delta Dental, an Illinois-based dental insurance provider with 3500 employees, was sending no less than 137-page printed onboarding package to new hires, which strained their communication and hampered onboarding experience. They needed a centralized HR solution driven by digital and mobile technologies and focused on candidate experience. They also required integration with their ATS and HRIS systems to ensure data accuracy and consistency across their partner network to build strong rapport with the new employee from day one. Adopting Click Boarding’s platform, Delta Dental saved 45 hours per week as measured by their HR department, which translated to 89 percent reduction in onboarding time and improved experience through the intuitive process. Click Boarding played a key role in standardizing hiring experiences for new employees in a configurable and compliant manner.

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, Click Boarding has all hands on deck, providing a range of services to clients involved in M&A, downsizing, and remote onboarding. The company is making the most of the relaxations announced by the Federal agencies in the wake of COVID-19 to help clients build employee connections remotely and maximize the engagement.

Moving forward, Click Boarding aims to strengthen its self-service and communication capabilities for greater impact on new and existing employees of its clients. The company stays in hunt to explore ways through which clients can cut cost further while building a happy and loyal workforce.
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Click Boarding

Click Boarding

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Pete Olson, CPO

Offers a SaaS-based HR platform that helps companies improve end-to-end employee journey with memorable experience