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Karl Mehta, Founder & CEO , EdCastKarl Mehta, Founder & CEO
In today’s fast-paced work environment, managing employees’ lifecycles-- from hiring to retiring, from on-boarding to off-boarding -- is a challenging endeavor for organizations in all sectors. The learning curve and the process of knowledge transfer from experienced employees is quite significant. To overcome these intricacies, organizations need a robust platform that has the ability to address knowledge management and knowledge transfer needs, whether they are focused on incoming, new or outgoing employees.

“With our cutting-edge technologies and integrated capabilities, we are able to provide personalized solutions to address employees’ workplace needs across the employee lifecycle,” says Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast.

EdCast, the fast-growing Future of Work Company, is at the forefront of offering the definitive AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud platform that is focused on knowledge management, personalized learning, and workflow automation. With their AI-driven platform, EdCast helps employees throughout their journey in the organization. From enabling them to share customized and timely knowledge to collaborating instantly in a secure way, EdCast helps employees to work smarter and reach loftier heights. EdCast’s platform supports customers in many major industries, including financial services, technology, healthcare, consulting, retail and consumer packaged goods. Typically, the employee management processes differ from one company to another. EdCast offers a flexible approach that organizations can personalize and customize their on-boarding and off-boarding process flows.
Further, EdCast’s platform is integrated with a powerful AI-driven recommendation engine, which helps organizations to create a pathway using their processes. These processes can be then posted in channels for employees to easily access at all times. The channel also recommends specific content and pathways that are most relevant and likely to be beneficial to the users. As a result, it’s much easier for new hires to gain insights and understanding about their company, department and team by following relevant executives and content. Thanks to the Knowledge Cloud proprietary AI engine, the company is able to surface the right content to the right user at the right time. Similarly, when existing employees transition out of their companies, they can easily transfer all their knowledge and intellectual property by utilizing EdCast’s content-sharing capabilities and athways before their last days at the company.

As a part of its Knowledge Cloud solution, EdCast offers its Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and MyGuide in-app guides and automation that help employees across a variety of discovery and knowledge challenges. With MyGuide’s in-app guides and digital bots, users can successfully streamline and enhance employee onboarding, off-boarding, as well as digital transformation. Delivering detailed and timely guidance about key business processes or particular software in the flow of work has proven to be a key competitive advantage for EdCast.

Funded by notable investors that include Softbank Capital, Cervin Ventures, REV Venture Partners, Stanford University, and others, EdCast now has Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers from around the world. Companies are signing up for reasons that include upskilling, enhancing employees’ experience, onboarding and off-boarding of employees as well as the full employee lifecycle in between. For example, one of EdCast’s large tech company customers recently experienced a 75 percent improvement in onboarding efficiency, saving tens of millions of dollars annually.

With success stories such as this one, EdCast’s future looks promising. The company recently acquired Leapest based in Netherlands to help expand its content marketplace. “With digital transformation and other rapid changes to the workplace, the Future of Work is changing quickly, and large companies are now racing to respond,” says Mehta. “EdCast is helping these companies not only respond but also keep up and jump ahead of the curve.”