G-Cube: Employee Onboarding with All-in-One E-Learning

Manish Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, G-CubeManish Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO
With busy schedules, demanding targets, and the pertinent need to keep up with the times, modern learners need just-in-time learning. However, employee onboarding training is getting more extended and information heavy, which often turns out tedious for learners to go through. Specifically, organizations face onboarding training challenges such as integrating the employee in the new habitat, policy compliance, creating the company brand, enhancing employee retention, and more. Moreover, the learning and management team need to manage the amount and delivery of information. E-learning courses can address these challenges. The company, G-Cube designs, develops, and delivers technology-based learning solutions to help organizations eliminate the monotony of learning in a classroom session and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Backed by their diverse experience in software, telecom, BFSI, healthcare, automobile, and aviation, G-Cube creates innovative solutions comprising product training, sales training, compliance training, simulations, onboarding training, and more. With their learner-first approach, G-Cube makes employees feel welcome, encourages their productivity, peer learning, and retention.

“We at G-Cube believe that by using creative ideas along with the apt use of technology, learning solutions can prove to be more fun while being immensely effective,” says Manish Gupta, the Co-Founder and CEO of G-Cube. G-Cube LMS is a revolutionary product that is created with a learner-first approach in design as well as technology. It is also available as a personalized mobile app for learners, managers, and administrators––making learning accessible and more effective. G-Cube LMS’ streaming video library allows upload & management of video-based learning content, with fully adaptive UI, and YouTube-style video interface. Social media inspired options of likes, ratings, comments, and their ActiveWall Social Timeline, highlighting the achievements of users and the gamification of LMS stimulate the fun factor in learning alongside learning efficacy.
LMS also offers the benefits of collaborative learning using augmented reality and virtual reality while machine learning is deployed for content personalization. For instance, G-Cube’s KPI-based automated learning delivery facilitates data comprehension, content effectiveness, and delivering users the content they desire.

G-Cube’s well-planned, well-timed, and well-structured onboarding solutions have many benefits. These solutions incur one-time costs with the training sustainable for a longer duration, saving costs incurred by traditional training on equipment, learning content, and more. G-Cube solutions accommodate the new employees’ needs and facilitate their satisfaction with the job and company environment. Employees can complete G-Cube’s e-courses in lesser time, get apprised of the company regulations, and foster the maintenance of work standards and overall excellence. The solutions also result in long-term benefits of higher employee retention.

We at G-Cube believe that by using creative ideas along with the apt use of technology, learning solutions can prove to be more fun while being immensely effective

The company’s methodology is aligned as per client and industry requirements. For instance, a ‘travel’ theme was created for the induction process of a leading bank. A virtual journey with different symbolic modes of transport such as hot-air balloons and airplanes ensures no dull moment. A virtual mentor infuses the ‘human touch’ in the course to guide the learners. Interactive elements like check your understanding (CYUs) in the form of multiple choice or true/false questions alongside collecting souvenirs and high visual-appeal (with a stereoscopic 3D element) ensure the learner’s close and constant involvement with the course.

To reduce cost and add measurable value, G-Cube intends to add managed training services to its portfolio and develop a full-fledged Talent Management System (TMS), adding the modules of performance management, recruitment, and succession planning. Aiming for growth beyond 25 percent, plans are underway to add global channels for the company’s sale of products and services. G-Cube also endeavors to expand to the U.S. and Europe, aiming to provide better customer experience. In accordance with all these objectives and their mission to achieve “Happiness-For-All” (HFA), “Our products and services keep evolving with the changing course of the learning industry,” concludes Gupta.