Namely: Managed Onboarding Services for SMBs

ElisaSteele, CEO, NamelyElisaSteele, CEO
Startups these days find it challenging to hire people and retain them in their company. This is because of inadequate knowledge of the employee onboarding process. In an instance, Bevi, a startup offering customized beverages, was struggling with different types of software for various HR functions such as time management, payroll, and onboarding within the company. The startup was also looking for a system that would empower employees to have access to their employment information. “We had been looking to give our employees a lot more transparency and insight into their world of work here at Bevi. Those two things drove us to ask: What do we need to be more transparent about to make people’s jobs easier, and what insights do they need to help them succeed?” states Lauren Della Morte, People Operations Manager at Bevi. Finding a solution where everything was managed in one place, allowing information to flow seamlessly and accurately was the top priority for the company. This is where Lauren was impressed with Namely’s Managed Services Offering. “The solution that Namely offered in Managed Services nailed the element of relationship-building I was hoping to see from a broker, as well as the level of support I was hoping to see from a PEO,” states Lauren. Bevi finds Namely’s onboarding tool a big win as the platform was organized, and enhanced the new hire experience.

Namely was founded in 2012, to create a human resource platform as intuitive as social media, but powerful enough to support the complexity of today’s workforce.
The company provides a user-friendly HR platform which is built to fit any organization’s culture. The platform manages all of the client’s HR data in one place with personalized service to help companies get better and faster.

Namely welcomes new hires to the team with a simple onboarding process, using their platform Modern HR. The platform lets clients manage everything from onboarding to payroll in one place. “Namely is the leading all-in-one platform in the mid-market for a reason—it empowers HR, enables employees, and drives strategy at the leadership level,” says Elisa Steele, chairperson of the board of directors, Namely. The platform further helps clients to set goals and track performance throughout the year by building workflows, onboarding templates, and more. Clients can even create a customer review cycle that fits their business. New hires can engage with their company through social news feeds present in the software, which helps them to stay up to date on everything going on in the company. Furthermore, the platform helps clients to use the application through their phones sitting anywhere in the world.

Clients can easily integrate Namely’s Modern HR platform with their existing applications such as a recruiting platform or financial system that contain employee data. The robust analytics and reporting features of the platform help in understanding the employee data so that clients can concentrate on making more strategic decisions in real-time. Alongside onboarding, Namely also empowers clients to manage payroll and benefits calculation talent management and other managed services, such as employee service center, payroll tax registration, employment verification and much more.

Since 2012, Namely has been working hard to solve the most significant human resource challenges that are faced by mid-sized companies. The company is currently serving more than 1,400 customers and is focused on expanding its product worldwide. The company’s vision is to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions about people. From HR to the C-Suite to employees, namely believes that accessible data has the power to make an organization more strategic and impactful.