Qumu Corporation: An Enterprise Video Platform for the Employee Onboarding Process

Vern Hanzlik, President & CEO, Qumu CorporationVern Hanzlik, President & CEO
While employee onboarding has traditionally been a two week program on the calendar of many organizations, most progressive companies today see employee onboarding as an ongoing initiative that lasts throughout an employee’s tenure. But the changing workplace has made employee onboarding an uphill battle for HR professionals as global expansion, decentralized workforces and distributed teams add complexity to communication and training efforts. Thankfully, digital communication platforms—specifically video communication platforms—have become an integral part of the new Human Resources technology toolset. And Qumu Corporation offers the leading enterprise video communication platform in the industry.

The Qumu platform simplifies the employee onboarding process by allowing HR professionals to create, edit, and publish live and on demand video-based onboarding assets and learning modules across a global organization—quickly, easily and securely. Videos can be captured from literally any workstation or mobile device, edited using Qumu’s proprietary toolset, and distributed securely both behind the corporate firewall and in the cloud. The Qumu platform also allows HR teams to monitor and report on user engagement, automatically add closed-captioning in multiple languages, and even create customized “channels” for specific teams or management levels.

Vern Hanzlik, President and CEO of Qumu, believes enterprise video can be a game-changer for global organizations struggling with the onboarding process.
“Leveraging the digital communication medium of video, HR departments can easily serve live and on demand onboarding assets to employees and teams across the globe,” states Hanzlik. “Our platform combines the flexibility and velocity of digital communication with the power of training and education, to help organizations increase both the effectiveness and the ROI of their onboarding efforts.”

As the market-leading enterprise video technology in the Human Resources vertical, the Qumu platform easily integrates with enterprise collaboration and social business tools like Skype for Business, SharePoint, Yammer, IBM Connections and Workplace by Facebook—giving even the most basic of users the ability to assist in creating and distributing onboarding assets. The Qumu platform also enables the creation of customized portals for HRteams who prefer to have more control over look, feel and branding. In fact many companies have leveraged the Qumu platform to create comprehensive, full-featured “corporate YouTube” presences which not only include HR and onboarding assets, but video assets for a wide variety of uses.

“Our technology platform allows organizations of any size to create and distribute video for a wide variety of use cases including town hall meetings, executive addresses, employee collaboration, crisis communications, sales and marketing demonstrations and of course employee onboarding,” notes Hanzlik. “That said, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for use of our platform in employee onboarding and engagement efforts as of late. It seems video has finally made its way into the Human Resources technology stack.”

As a company with a global footprint covering the United States, EMEA, and Asia, Qumu’s enterprise video platform is well-represented in all industries—with the majority of its clients coming from Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Technology, Professional Services and Manufacturing. In terms of what the future holds for Qumu, the company is committed to continually enhancing its offering in the Human Resources space. “HR is a dynamic and ever-changing market,” Hanzlik notes. “And we will continue to invest in and support Human Resource professionals with advanced technologies, particularly as they relate to usability and Artificial Intelligence.