RoboMQ: Automating Employee Lifecycle Management

Bramh Gupta, CEO, RoboMQBramh Gupta, CEO
When a new employee is hired, promoted, takes a long-term leave or is terminated, HR must change the access given to the employee across the enterprise. Employee termination is the most critical of these events, since if the access is not removed in time, a disgruntled employee can create unwanted situations. This puts unnecessary strains on the HR, and a potential liability and risk on the enterprise in today’s digitally connected world. RoboMQ, a McLean-based iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) company, solves these challenges by providing a cloud-based SaaS solution to manage employee lifecycle in near real-time by propagating changes in HR systems to Active Directory (AD) and role-based employee access to IT infrastructure and cloud-based SaaS systems. Additionally, RoboMQ Employee Lifecycle Management (ECLM) updates employee details across the enterprise systems in near real-time keeping HR system as the master system of record. “We are here to help our customers create business flows using best-of-the-breed on-premise and cloud systems operating as one, as if the business functionality was coming from one large ERP much like back in the days,” says Bramh Gupta, CEO of RoboMQ.

Onboarding employees from ADP or other HR systems like Successfactor, Workday and creating identity and role-based access in Active Directory and other enterprise systems is manual, time-consuming task that has regulatory and reputation risks. The RoboMQ’s ADP (and other HR systems) to Active Directory (AD) Integration fully automates employee onboarding and lifecycle events. This integration helps customers save on operational costs, provide better employee experience, and reduce work time loss. Integrating employee lifecycle events into the AD enforcing role-based access and privileges reduces financial and regulatory risks. This functionality is offered “as a service” running 24x7. The setup needed to get going is just injection of enterprise specific configuration.

RoboMQ also engages in a full white-glove service delivery model. For custom integrations, customers can do the developments themselves on its iPaaS platform or use RoboMQ professional services to create requirement-driven custom integration at high-quality and low-cost from the people who understand it best.

We are here to help our customers create business workflows using best-of-the-breed cloud and on-premise systems as if it were coming from one large ERP back in the days

“We tell our customers integration approach, how it is done and the advantages of it, and then implement and deliver the same,” says Gupta. The company offers both cloud and on-premise services along with 24/7 support with a response time of less than an hour.

Integration and automation ensure that resources do not spend more time on common repetitive tasks. This has helped Topgolf, a large-scale sport, entertainment & restaurant chain, have savings of upward of $700,000 a year using single ADP to AD integration. Topgolf ( was able to save 1.5 hours of work for HR and IT for each employee change for an associate base of 15,000.

“There was a very compelling reason why we started this company,” says Gupta. When they began looking at the market in 2012, they noticed that companies were beginning to shift from large enterprise systems like Oracle and SAP and build their own business processes leveraging best-of-the-breed cloud and SaaS systems. The company got fully operational in 2013 to address the need to integrate different systems into a cohesive, choreographed business workflow. “That was the driver behind RoboMQ, and we were right on it,” extols Gupta.

RoboMQ has witnessed tremendous market growth doubling its revenue in last couple of years. “The market is getting hot since there is a lot of potential with adoption of SaaS and hybrid clouds and we are part of the play,” quips Gupta.

The company focuses on delivering the best solution for their customers’ business problems. They help customers in creating strategic business advantage by automating work flows like order to cash, plan vs actual reconciliation, inventory management, product lifecycle management, and transaction processing with third party and financial gateways. In nutshell, RoboMQ helps create well-coordinated business processes that can be managed effectively and efficiently. “Bringing this process efficiency through the application of the API and integration technology is really what we do,” concludes Gupta.