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Top 10 Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

How employers handle the first few days and months of a new employee's experience is crucial to ensuring high employee and business productivity. This is why the process of employee onboarding is defining itself as a critical step for employers to set up new hires on the path to productive performance and transformation into seasoned employees. However, while the demand for recruits is rising, the market is witnessing a shrinking talent pool. Addressing the need, employee onboarding consultants, and service providers are helping employers to hire the right talent, increase employee retention, and reduce employee turnover. They are also conducting a background check of employees and facilitating fraud verification to ensure employee reliability and organizational safety.

During the first few days, for instance, the service providers assist employers to set expectations and introduce objectives. This is required to inform new hires about what their roles and responsibilities in the organization are, which aids their performance. Equally important is the maintenance of a consistently accommodating environment to nurture good relationships between the new employees and their co-workers. Supportive inter-relationships between employees foster the new hires' feeling of being valued and heard in the organization, which boosts their productivity and business growth.

Moreover, employee onboarding service providers can train and review the performance of new employees to ensure that the recruits are happy and comfortably engaged. Profitably saving time, effort, and costs, onboarding services can schedule, simplify, and streamline the training of new hires. For the purpose, employers are adopting comprehensive and structured employee onboarding services that increase employee engagement, invoke a sense of loyalty in new hires and thereby, improve business operations. These services also help obtain valuable feedback from new employees about their work and requirements to eliminate factors detrimental to organizational functioning. Mentoring programs are also a very beneficial way to provide new employees with the answers they seek about the organization, its work culture, and more. Such programs that build trust and camaraderie between employees fortify the united and enhanced performance of the whole organization. These services reduce employee termination and can strengthen the morale of those still working at the organization.

A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the HR Tech Outlook magazine's editorial board has selected a list of the top employee onboarding consulting/services companies that leverage innovative technologies and strategies for the benefit of organizations across industries. This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies with expertise in employee onboarding to update you about the best employee onboarding solutions you can choose from to help your organization have a positive impression on new hires, grow good relationships among employees old and new, lighten the HR department's work, and attract and retain new top talent.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook's "Top 10 Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies - 2019."

    Top Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies

  • eBenefits is a Pittsburgh, PA based firm catering to the HR Professionals. A known provider of HR services and software, eBenefits extends health, wealth, and the productivity resource support for consultants, administrators and carriers, that too at a single platform with a huge emphasis on service. The range of products and services by eBenefits include Benefits Administration Solution, ACA Compliance Solution, Private Exchange Solution, and Analytics Solutions. The firm has an impressive clientele belonging to a wide range of industries such as Healthcare, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Education

  • The Englewood, CO headquartered Premier Employer Services provides several all-inclusive and holistic solutions to all the employee engagement requirements of their clients. The impressive range of services by Premier range from HR consulting, employee engagement, HR compliance, employee benefits, and payroll services to recruiting. Premier’s specific solutions are based on a thorough understanding of their clients workforce dynamics, precise needs of employees and specific challenges faced. Premier Employer Services also creates custom-built plans to meet your requirements which encompass communication, results tracking, planning and benefits

  • Sterling is a global leader in background screening and identity services for the evolving global workforce and conducts millions of employee searches annually. With 20 offices across nine countries, Sterling empowers its clients to achieve smarter and safer onboarding processes and hire with utmost confidence. The company offers a comprehensive suite of background screening services from criminal records checks, executive checks, identity and biometrics solutions, pre-and post-hire drug screening, ongoing screening, social media checks, and more. For Sterling it’s all about finding the right people for the right job

  • TRUST Consulting Group was created with a purpose of solving important tax issues while adding profit for businesses through customized onboarding processes. Adding money back to the bottom line has been TRUST Consutling Group’s focus since its inception in 2001. Though their onboarding process, TRUST clients maximize efficiency and the potential for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which give employers an incentive for hiring candidates from specific demographics—those on government assistance, unemployed veterans, disabled veterans, and ex-felons. Those new hires translate into cost savings for employers with an earned tax credit, which can be between $1,500 and $9,600 per hire

  • Aloha Workforce Management Solutions

    Aloha Workforce Management Solutions

    Aloha workforce Management Solutions, based in Las Vegas, NV enables its clients to avail the best work force management solutions by enabling them to focus more on core business, reduce the overall cost and advance to a choice employer. The combined offering of HR Cloud and expert HR Risk management from Aloha will save several hours on a weekly basis on workforce functions, thereby enabling more attention on other core aspects of your enterprise. Implementing an effective HR process and workforce system is less daunting with the Aloha cloud

  • Emptech


    Emptech is a provider of enterprise grade workforce management solutions that compliment payroll and HR administration. The best-of-class HR administrative software and consultative services have won them clients across sectors. The company has helped several clients to recover overpayments, decrease tax liabilities, and enhance compliance rates besides similar functions that assist in improving their overall performance through enhanced productivity rates, resource effectiveness, greater tax optimization, and transactional compliance. Further Emptech has collaborated with Taleo, Oracle etc to empower their clients to leverage a seamless customer experience besides improving the efficiency of HR administration

  • HR&P


    Incorporated in 2000, HR&P is simplifying HR processes by offering an advanced Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and web-based payroll solutions, allowing easy access to employee data and customized reporting. HR&P tailored solutions enable customers to meet their unique administrative needs and provides advanced security of their employee and company data. HR&P’s mobile friendly site allows employees to login with a secure username and password to access check stubs, W-2’s, time off balances, YTD information and other employee data. The site further allows change requests for time off, W-4’s, direct deposits, life event changes and other such various transactions

  • Precision Global Consulting

    Precision Global Consulting

    Precision Global Consulting is based in New York City and is synonymous with workforce management of the 21st century. The firm has over 19 years experience in serving countries in North America. The services provided by Precision Global Consulting include benefits ranging from Payroll, EOR/AOR services, and savings including dental, vision, medical and savings (401 (k), IRA, HSA). The enterprise has a wide range of clients spread across the U.S. and Canada. Their clients belong to varied sectors including GEOs, foreign companies, Fortune 500s, MSPs, Start-ups and Staffing firms

  • ScherckConsulting


    Scherck Consulting LLC, is known for providing innovative and authentic solutions for facilitating effective human resources management besides HR training and tools. The expert consultants at Scherck Consulting are SHRM-SCP, MPA, SPHR and NHA certified. The enterprise helps their customers to solve human resources management challenges along with ensuring compliance. To provide such expert services, the company relies on a thorough understanding of client’s management requirements, customizing projects in sync with management requirements and challenges and providing continuous HR support. The firm is headquartered in Beloit, WI

  • Simco


    HR services, payroll services, risk management and Benefits are the areas of expertise for SimcoHR. In business since 2005, SimcoHR is a family owned business venture based in Canandaigua, NY. The company believes in offering personalized services with an aim to provide comprehensive solutions for addressing all your business requirements. SimcoHR has overall thirty years of combined experience. The SimcoHR services include Insurance, and risk management besides human resources management services. Clients can anticipate expert services on Medical, Dental, Home, Auto, Vision and Life insurance. The risk management services here enable to choose the most apt commercial insurance plans and business solutions