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Top 10 Employee Onboarding Solution Companies - 2021

Over the years, we saw the unprecedented rise of remote work as an adaptation to the transforming workplace. From human resource management to sales, modern technology is now at the center of every corporate process. Digital transformation is now also changing the way businesses view onboarding. As we enter into 2022, strategic employee onboarding continues to be a key focus for many organizations. The Human Capital Institute has found that companies invested in improving the onboarding experience are more likely to see key benefits, such as increased engagement levels, decreased time to proficiency, and decreased turnover. But the most innovative companies understand that building an effective onboarding program is an iterative and ongoing process.

Traditionally, the onboarding process has involved face-to-face interactions that might take place between a manager and a newly hired employee, or group sessions bringing together several newly hired employees to go through a formal onboarding process.

The process might involve educational sessions, the completion of paperwork of various types and interactions with organizational leaders and key players. You can also focus on creating a a digital development plan for employees. Digital onboarding leverages the availability of digital tools and technology to make the onboarding process as cost-effective and efficient as possible. In addition, the use of digital onboarding will ensure the consistency and accuracy of information shared with new hires across the organization, whether it’s a local team of 10 or a global team of 1000s.

The onboarding process should be kept as simple as possible and not job specific. This means that while a company should provide information that the new hire needs to know to become a new employee, it is not necessary to overload them with too much information. It is also important to simplify the process for the HR personnel who will maintain the process. Some systems allow for personalisation using logic based scenarios, to allow for different content to be served to a new hire depending on a chosen set of criteria (location, team etc.).

We present to you, “Top 10 Employee Onboarding Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Employee Onboarding Solution Companies

  • Fountain is an all-in-one high-volume hiring platform that is rightly positioned to empower the world’s leading enterprises with the capability to find and hire the right people through smart, fast, and seamless recruiting. With “all-in-one holistic hiring,” the company helps organizations attract and hire the right people for the job, quickly. Through best practices, Fountain enables companies to become their own leaders in digital talent acquisition, getting more people to apply for the job. Further, the company offers a single system that guides all the applicants through a streamlined, effective, and efficient hiring process

  • RoboMQ is Virginia-based iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) company that specializes in establishing seamless integrations between existing ERP and CRM applications on cloud and on-premises. The company helps clients across several industry verticals automate their employee lifecycle management operations with our HRIS to AD (or Azure AD) pre-packaged integration solution. Designed to manage employee lifecycle in real-time, the solution propagates changes in HR systems to AD, Azure AD and Identity and access management systems, creates identity, and provides role-based access to enable single sign-on by keeping HR system as the master system of records (SOR)

  • BambooHR


    Serving more than 22,000 customers and 2,000,000 employees, BambooHR is the leading software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium businesses. BambooHR's cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Its software sets HR free to do great work and be more strategic, which helps the entire organization do the same

  • Carrera Lee Enterprises

    Carrera Lee Enterprises

    Carrera Lee is the home of Harmony Roze HCM, a full suite solution for HR, Time, Talent, and Payroll. Additionally they help organizations with Insurance solutions for Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation, and Business Continuity. Carrera Lee Enterprise is IT based technology that allows you to manage the information of your personnel, policies, and procedures online

  • ClearCompany


    Driven by a vision of a world where organizations perform optimally with empowered managers and engaged employees, ClearCompany is the world's fastest-growing Talent Management Platform. Their unique approach puts company mission and vision at the center of over 2,000 clients’ talent processes, providing a strategic understanding of hiring, onboarding and employee performance

  • Click Boarding

    Click Boarding

    Click Boarding is a modern employee experience platform that blends employee engagement, forms and tasks into a simple, flexible and compliant solution. From onboarding and crossboarding to offboarding, the platform enables configuration of intuitive workflows for seamless transitions throughout the employee journey. HR managers can use the platform to easily manage checklists, assign tasks, and review progress. Their robust APIs allow employers to receive candidate data from various external systems and offer a wide variety of integration options with systems including ATS, HRIS, background screening, procurement, and more

  • GoCo


    GoCo helpd small businesses spend less time on manual, painful, and complex HR tasks, so they can focus on growing happier, more productive teams. They hope by doing so, they can empower companies to focus on their own employees and mission. GoCo is delivering a more delightful workplace to thousands of businesses and their employees

  • iCIMS


    iCIMS is the Talent Cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the talent that builds a winning workforce. iCIMS has built the world’s leading Talent Cloud—to empower employers with a single platform that makes it possible to build a diverse, qualified, and winning workforce that aligns with their mission

  • Lessonly


    Lessonly is training, enablement, and coaching software built for frontline teams. They serve nearly four million learners at 1,200+ leading companies. Together, they achieve higher NPS scores, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience. The firm is on a mission to help people across the globe do better work. The result is faster onboarding, higher NPS scores, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience

  • PlaybookBuilder


    PlaybookBuilder enables smart organizations to onboard, train, and drive adoption of their content for new team members, existing people, customers, vendors, or all of the above. Build a playbook of your company’s best plays starting with a job function, a workflow, process, or a unique curriculum. Each playbook houses the text, videos, links, quizzes, even QR codes, that bring your training to life. And the best part? Once you’ve built your playbooks you can share them through automated emails, texts, or even charge for them if that’s your thing