Innovative Way: Placing a Priority on Onboarding

Top 10 Employee Onboarding Solution Companies - 2019

The process of onboarding the right employees can be one of the most critical factors in the success of a company. Building a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome and retain new employees. Effective onboarding has been proven to impact key organizational outcomes and positively influence organizational culture. The immediate benefit is a productive new-hire, and the longer-term benefits are improved productivity, engagement, and retention. HR managers face numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, but none more intense than recruitment and employee onboarding. Today, a list of tasks and responsibilities is not enough to give employees a robust understanding of a specific role within the company. While orientation programs are a popular component of effective onboarding, gearing them toward a realistic understanding of their role can help them adjust quickly and confidently.

Owing to the changing business dynamics and long training periods, organizations need to start right from the time the new hires receive their joining offers. Top Employee Onboarding companies with their onboarding and pre-boarding programs can act as effective mediums to help new hires from campuses, and lateral hires become job-ready by upskilling in new-age technologies or skills of the future.

A few years ago, automation became one of the hottest new hire onboarding trends. From eLearning simulations to chatbots and AI, when it comes to onboarding and human resources, every tech tool is on the table. Choosing to automate onboarding paperwork with an electronic solution frees up time for both employer and the new employee. It also eases the pressure of completing the forms quickly and accurately on the first day. On-demand, virtual training materials may help to ensure the information provided during onboarding and orientation is retained. Social activities can be posted and organized through employee self-service applications. These in-house and outside events can indoctrinate new hires immediately into the company’s culture and social activities. Microlearning is definitely among the current onboarding trends. Companies, nowadays, need to put their learners first, focus on learning retention in the age of shortened attention spans, and help them by being transparent and inclusive.

Thanks to built-in survey tools and integrated performance management processes, businesses now have both qualitative and quantitative data available to them. Employers can track trends in performance against engagement levels, and pinpoint specific aspects of the program that may be impacting onboarding outcomes. Top Employee Onboarding companies are already developing apps to update and streamline customers onboarding while others are investing in gamification, all in the name of engaging and retaining new hires.

It’s true that advanced software and automated technologies eliminate duplicate entries and streamline employee onboarding, but that’s just the beginning of the array of business and employee benefits that onboarding technology can deliver for a business or HR department. To assist CIOs in identifying the most reliable companies to partner with, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you –Top Employee Onboarding Companies”.

    Top Employee Onboarding Technology Companies

  • Innovative Way is known for delivering business process strategy, solutions, and insights to their clients. They cater to different types of clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Their flagship product, Pipeline, is a cloud platform that enables companies to create, share, and extend workflows across teams, departments, and companies. Pipeline helps busy professionals get out of emails and spreadsheets, maintain momentum, and get things done. The solutions they offer include business continuity, customer onboarding, operations management and team member onboarding

  • Astound is an enterprise software company that develops an AI platform for employee service. The Astound AI platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate IT and HR service and support. Astound is the only company to automate the entire lifecycle of service requests, reducing resolution time and improving work life. Astound has partnered with leading workflow platform providers like ServiceNow and Atlassian plus managed service providers like Infosys to deliver deep integrations with IT service management, HR case management, knowledge management, Customer Service Management (CSM), and social collaboration solutions

  • Ceridian is a market-leading global human capital management (HCM) platform. It unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle and provides reality-based KnowHow to the client organizations. Ceridian Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. The scalable platform is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements. Ceridian as a global business services company helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources

  • EdCast, AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud, facilitates knowledge management, personalized learning, and job and workflow automation with proprietary Artificial intelligence and machine learning, bringing the right content to the right user at the right time. It helps customers in almost every major industry from technology to healthcare, financial services, retail, and from consumer packaged goods industry to nearly all industries. EdCast’s Knowledge cloud is a suite of SAS software. EdCast's offerings include Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and MyGuide's in-app guides, intelligence, and automation. EdCast’s Knowledge cloud is a suite of SAS software

  • Headquartered in New York, NY, Namely is a HR technology provider known for its HR, payroll, and benefits platform. Their HR software can be use-built to fit any type of company culture. It helps clients manage all of their HR data in a single place, with personalized services to help the company get better, faster. The company provides HR professionals with the technology, data, and support they need to help employees thrive. Namely caters to clients from several sectors, including media, technology, commerce, and more

  • BambooHR


    BambooHR is an online human resource (HR) software service that offers an end-to-end solution to facilitate the workforce management of client organizations. The human resource software developed by this organization provides small and growing companies with a user-friendly platform where they can migrate data from complex spreadsheets to a modern Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that fits their specific requirements. With this service, HR professionals can focus their time and efforts on more important tasks. BambooHR’s unique Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is able to administer all aspects of the employee’s life cycle and provide the necessary personnel visibility using strategic indicators such as retention and turnover and helps the client organizations to easify the employee management tasks

  • Efficient Forms

    Efficient Forms

    Efficient Forms is a leading industrial vendor of cloud-based software that enables organizations to save time, money, and resources throughout the employee onboarding process. The Company delivers intuitive and robust software for enterprises of all sizes and sectors. This genuinely unique software solves problems in ways not currently met by any other competitors which are driving tremendous growth and opportunity. Efficient Forms has developed a strong brand and customer base, experiencing immense growth and scalability. The Company's flagship SaaS platform, Efficient Hire (EHX), delivers applicant tracking, onboarding, Form I9 and E-Verify, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) processing, and ACA compliance

  • EMP Trust Solutions

    EMP Trust Solutions

    Based in Gaithersburg, MD, EMP Trust Solutions is an employee onboarding software that helps increased employee engagement and performance, and improved compliance and employee retention as well. Their range of products include employee onboarding, electronic I-9, E-Verify, HR compliance, integration, new hire onboarding, HR onboarding software and applicant tracking and recruiting. The company also helps its clients with crossboarding of employees for internal transfers, mergers and acquisitions. EMP Trust Solutions helps clients manage ongoing policy changes and it also specializes in employee offboarding

  • Greenhouse Software

    Greenhouse Software

    Headquartered in New York, NY, Greenhouse Software is a provider of an enterprise talent acquisition software. Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Suite is specifically built for structured hiring. The platform can be used for recruiting, onboarding, events app, and CRM among many others. Greenhouse Software helps companies in improving the process for everyone involved — from hiring managers and recruiters to candidates as well. The company provides their clients with support, implementation and ongoing partnership. The team at Greenhouse Software aims to help their clients become great at hiring

  • Jobvite


    Jobvite provides a recruiting software to help their clients hire better and faster. The company's recruiting platform accelerates recruiting with an easy-to-use ATS, social recruiting capabilities, mobile-optimized branded career sites, a recruiting branding solution, on-demand video screening, advanced analytics, onboarding, and seamless integration with other HR systems. The Jobvite Platform infuses automation and intelligence into today’s expanded recruiting cycle to increase the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of talent acquisition. Its Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE), a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time